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The Craic Hamper by Wee Toast Tours


The Craic Hamper makes the perfect gift. Let's just say that this bundle of goodness is abundant, gregarious if it were a person, elegantly presented and up for it. That is this hamper. Full of delicious Irish products and homewares, carefully selected delicacies that are hard to find and worth sharing with the world.

Created with Wee Toast's reputation for genius curation of good times, you know what you are getting is quality. In any case this is a big hamper, the operative word is full. It isTHE perfect way to mark the big occasions: seal the deal, show gratitude, celebrate the union, praise the hero, welcome the newbie, make a fuss. Life is short, let's have good craic. 

As the Urban Dictionary defines it, craic is Irish for good times/gossip/music/drinking/debauchery!

Each hamper includes:

1) Gubbeen Pepperoni - scrumptiously Irish cured artisan pepperoni shoelace from hand-reared pigs traditionally smoked over beech and oak, so, so good on pasta, pizza, in casseroles, served on a cheese board.. 

2) Gubbeen Salami - 

3) Suki Belfast Brew 250 mg Tea

4) Bushmill Irish Whiskey

5) Dry Cured Salmon

6) Ulster Weavers Tea Towel

7) Snow Patrol Hot Sauce

8) Oak Ditty Cakes

9) Cheddar Cheese

10) Canned Irish Tuna

11) Ballymaloe Tomato Relish

12) Jarred clams

13) Kelp

14) Irish traditional Sweets

15) Craft Beer Yardsman

16) Ulster Weavers Tea Towel

17) Comfy big picnic Traditional Wicker Hamper

Please note that while we make every effort to deliver what you see in the photo, from time to time we may need to substitute a product for one of equal value in price and quality. Our eye for curation is guaranteed.

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