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Cycler Survivor Kit by Wee Toast Tours


These Cycler Survivor Kits are little parcels of heaven for when it's lashing out. Who says you can't have fun when it's raining. Our bikes offer some protection but we're still in the fresh air so on a grey stormy day we recommend the Biker Survivor Kit. 

Each kit includes:

1) a Wee Toast Tours beanie, they say 95% of your body heat escapes through your head. Well that's you covered anyway. 

2) a wee tipple, your choice, whiskey, gin or non alcoholic to warm you up from the inside.

3) a super stylish poncho. Ok you caught us poncho's by definition can't be stylish but when you are having this much fun who cares?

Keep warm, get hardy, let's party!

These can be pre-ordered for your tour or get them delivered home for your own mini festival.

 Price is for single kit. 

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