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Munchies Beanie Hamper by Wee Toast Tours


The Munchies Beanie Hamper is designed as a tasty pick me up. The Beanie will become a favourite, it is so, so comfy and the treats they will probably be eaten on the go and that's okay. 

Indulge in Gubbeen's delicious Salami, while sipping on your ice cold crew. And follow it up by yummy traditional boiled sweets. You are human and you are on the move. Possibly on one of our tours, enjoying your night. Knock it back and pedal, pedal, pedal. 

The Munchies Beanie makes a great addition for big parties. Set the tone from the beginning by inviting everyone to a beer and a memorable beanie. This little basket of goodness is going to get everyone in the mood to make it memorable. 


Each hamper includes:

1) Wee Toast Tour Branded Beanie Hat

2) Craft Brew


3) Gubbeen Pepperoni

4) Pack of Traditional Boiled Sweets


Please note that while we make every effort to deliver what you see in the photo, from time to time we may need to substitute a product for one of equal value in price and quality. Our eye for curation is guaranteed.

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