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Suki Organic Matcha Tea - 100 grams



Suki Matcha Tea is ceremonial grade matcha and is known as one of the very best matcha's available. Ceremonial grade matcha is made from the youngest tea leaves, with the stems and veins entirely removed. The leaves are stone-ground, which gives the matcha is vibrant green colour and flavour profile. 

One serving of matcha tea, (½ teaspoon to 1 teaspoon, or 1 to 2 grams of Matcha) is like the nutritional equivalent of drinking 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea, that is why they call matcha the King of green tea. You can count 137 times more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea, that is some serious health benefits.

Plus we love the tangy, rounded and umami flavour. 

Plus the health benefits: 1) contains antioxidants that help regulate blood sugar levels with slow release natural energy keeping you alert and more energised for longer periods of time. 2) Higher amino acids than any other tea which contributes to improving overall mood and mental focus. 3) Contains Chlorophyll which assists in detoxification helping to flush out heavy metals, toxins and chemicals from your body. 4) Contains polyphenol EGCG which is known to boost your metabolism. 


Suki is an ethically responsible company from right here in Northern Ireland. They buy Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or Organic tea. We support smart local enterprise. 

What does it taste like?

Prefecture Tasting Notes: Slightly Sweet, Fresh, Grassy.

How to serve it

Matcha can be drank like an espresso, neat. It is also delicious like a latte or served cold on ice. It's a versatile way to get an abundance of health benefits. 


100 grams 


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