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Party Starter Mini Hamper by Wee Toast Tours


These Party Starter Mini Hampers by Wee Toast Tours are how shall we say? Next level fun. We call them the party starter because you can't put these out at a party without getting everyone totally, one hundred per cent in the mood for a paaaaaarty. 

Imagine the look on their faces, when each guests receives a mini hamper filled with special treats like a mini bottle of bubbly, sweets, chocolate and some sophisticated water because well: we all know to take breaks and drink water. It does wonders for your complexion honey. 

So whether you are planning a birthday party, a hen or a stag, a work do or a celebration of a special anniversary, the Party Start Mini Hamper is a great way to upgrade the whole experience and make it memorable. They work beautifully on our tours but we can also deliver them to your home for some virtual fun. 

Each hamper includes:

1) a bottle of bubbly, Champagne, Prosecco or Cava, your choice.

2) a bag of yummy retro boiled candy in old fashioned flavours like Rhubarb and Custard, Strawberry and Cream and Mint Humbugs.

3) a big bar of chocolate by Wee Choco, a local Northern Irish business that supports people with learning difficulties and autism.  

4) a can of refreshing crisp sparking water to keep you, well... refreshed.

5) an orange to provide some Vitamin C, consumer as a snack or squeeze into your drink for ultimate sophistication.

Beautifully presented in a recyclable basket, these little guys are eye candy for the spirit.

Pre-order for your tour or get them delivered home for your own mini festival.


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